partnership of the golden age
holy sexuality

Wanna feel...?

You’ve learned: Love is hard work, you have to fight for your lover, your wife, husband, even a one-night stand. Right? 

The way I see it: You can’t fight for anything without losing yourself. Stop fighting. Start loving. First yourself, then your darkness, your shadow self. Love your flaws, your rough edges and lovingly accept that you are who you are: a human being. Embrace your inner child. Give her/him love. Repeat and breath. Then go into the world and let the universe do its magic. 

Close your eyes. Fall in love. Stay there.


Holy sexuality...?

You leave behind old patterns of fear, let go of beliefs of times past, relax into your body, accept your divine inner god/ goddess and feel that your soul is fully grounded in your body. You breathe life, you suck life into your body, it vibrates with every single cell. 

You let go the traumas of the past, the wounds of lives long gone, of toxic (ex-) partners, reckless lovers and lower energies. Instead you focus on your tenderness, your connectedness with the universe, your lover’s soul melting with your own. You sense you vibration rising with every soft touch, every movement of your body. You are healing. Your sexual flow brings you deep inner joy and liberation. This is what you have always wanted: shameless, tender, rough, daring, bolt, loving, breathtakingly intoxicating magnetism. 

Lovers don't finally meet somewhere.
They're in each other all along.


This spiritual consulting is for you if, you...

… want to dive deep into your passion again.

… feel the urge to get rid of shame and anger which has accumulated over a period of time.

… wish to end your partnership but still want to function peacefully as parents for the sake of the children.

… your partner has had an affair and you’re not sure if you can forgive her/him

… feel like you want to free fall into love and intimacy more.